How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Ohio?

Divorce rarely turns out to be an easy process. Spouses often worry not about their emotional state but the cost of divorce in Ohio, which can considerably affect their income or savings.

In this article, we have prepared information on the divorce cost in Ohio. We will answer the question, “How much does a divorce cost in Ohio?” and determine what an offline and online divorce cost within the state depends on. We will focus on the factors that impact the cost of divorce in Ohio and how the involvement of lawyers affects the divorce cost in Ohio.

If you and your spouse can cooperate and resolve all divorce issues on your own, you can file for a simple divorce after ordering paperwork from us. We offer quick and budget-friendly preparation of divorce documents, which will help you reduce the overall divorce cost.

Average Cost of a Divorce in Ohio

According to Forbes Advisor, the average cost of a divorce in Ohio varies greatly depending on the specific circumstances of the case, starting at $1,000-$2,000 and potentially reaching  $15,000-$20,000 or more.

The type of the case affects the divorce cost in Ohio the most. Typically, for an uncontested simple divorce, spouses will have to pay two to three times less than in contested ones. To file for an agreed-upon dissolution of marriage and significantly reduce the total divorce cost, you need to decide on all divorce issues, such as child custody, spousal support, alimony, etc., outside the court.

The average cost of divorce that is contested is always higher because many unresolved disputes between parties require the involvement of lawyers and other specialists and greatly increase the cost of divorce in Ohio.

The way you file with the clerk’s office won’t affect your expenses much because the online divorce cost, particularly filing fees, is typically similar to an offline one.

In the following sections, we will answer the question, “How much does it cost to get a divorce in Ohio, depending on the case, and what circumstances will have an impact on the price?”.

Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Ohio

The minimum cost of uncontested divorce in Ohio is about $300-$500, while the maximum can reach $3,000-$5,000 or more.

If you have agreed on all divorce issues with your spouse, do not have joint property or minor children involved, and do not plan to hire an attorney, the total divorce cost can be equal to filing fees if you deal with the case completely on your own.

If you file for an uncontested divorce but have minor children or joint assets to divide, the cost of your simple divorce will be higher. Spouses with minor kids should attend parenting classes, which cost money. Besides, you may need to hire an estate evaluator and property appraiser to determine the exact value of assets.

As the cost of uncontested divorce in Ohio depends mostly on the amount of filing fees increasing over the years, offline and online divorce cost gradually becomes higher. The rates evaluators charge, the amount of property to be appraised, the involvement of lawyers for preparing papers or representing your case in court, etc., will all affect the total costs of your divorce. 

Cost of Contested Divorce in Ohio

The average divorce cost for contested cases ranges from $4,000-$6,000 to $15,000-$25,000. In complicated situations with major child-related disputes, the cost of contested divorce in Ohio can reach even $30,000. The price depends on how many unresolved divorce issues are left between spouses and how much time it will take for spouses to agree on them or for a judge to make the final decision.

Unlike a simple divorce, a contested one usually requires each party to hire lawyers and other specialists, including child custody experts, mediators, arbitrators, property evaluators, etc.

Another factor affecting the cost of contested divorce in Ohio is the grounds for divorce specified in the complaint. Most often, fault-based reasons for divorce make the process even more expensive because parties must collect and provide evidence that the other spouse’s behavior led to the breakdown of their marriage. To prove one’s guilt, you may potentially need to involve a detective and a more experienced lawyer whose hourly rate can be significantly higher.

Even if you file a contested case with the help of a lawyer through an e-filing system, which is rather rare, the total online divorce cost will still be as high as the offline one. Your expenses will be mostly affected by the payments on a lawyer involved, numerous court hearings, etc.

A contested divorce becomes more expensive over time due to rising rates of legal representatives and court fees.

Average Fees for a Divorce Lawyer in Ohio

Average fees for a divorce lawyer in Ohio range from $2,000 to $15,000, depending on the type of the case. The hourly attorney fees within the state start at $200 and reach $400-$500. How much divorce costs in Ohio will change by hiring an attorney depends on their experience, location, complexity of the process, its duration, and other factors.

Attorney fees for an uncontested simple divorce will definitely be lower than for a contested one, which involves long-term work on divorce issues that spouses cannot resolve themselves and lengthy court battles. A high divorce lawyer cost can significantly affect the total amount of expenses on a divorce. Online divorce cost with the involvement of an attorney will also likely be pricey if the case is contested.

If you want to avoid lawyer fees and reduce the cost of divorce in Ohio, you should try to make your case uncontested and file it with the court independently. You can prepare for the process with the help of our service. Using it, you will be able to complete the paperwork in a few days without significantly affecting the overall divorce cost. 

Average Filing Fees in Ohio

The total offline and online divorce cost includes the mandatory court fees, with average filing fees in Ohio ranging from $200 to $450. Their amount depends on the county and the type of case.

For example, in a simple divorce without children and any divorce issues left to be resolved in court, you will pay, on average, $50-$100 less than for a case with minor children involved.

Also, the average filing fees in Ohio will be affected by submitting temporary orders, which is usually necessary if your divorce is contested, and you need to determine where you and your children will live during the process and who will use the joint property, car, etc. Typically, the simpler the case is, the less the court fees and the overall divorce cost are.

Factors that Affect the Cost of an Ohio Divorce

There are many factors that affect the cost of an Ohio divorce, including the following:

  1. Type of the case. Divorce cost mostly depends on whether your divorce is contested or uncontested. An agreed-upon marriage dissolution may not require the involvement of a lawyer because it assumes that you have already resolved all divorce issues with your spouse.

Filing a contested case without an attorney can be risky if you have many child-related and property division terms that still need to be decided. The more disputes you have, the higher attorney fees will be. On average, several contested issues will make your divorce more expensive by $3,000-$5,000 or more.

  1. Minor children involved. If you have an uncontested simple divorce with children under 18, the cost of your dissolution of marriage is unlikely to be much higher than for cases without children. However, if the case is contested and you cannot independently determine the issues of child maintenance, custody, visitation, etc., you will have to hire a lawyer, child custody specialist, or mediator and attend several court hearings, which will significantly affect your overall expenses. Contested cases involving minor children cost $5,000-$10,000 more than uncontested ones.
  2. Joint assets and liabilities. If you and your spouse own a large amount of joint property, especially real estate or businesses, you will have to hire an evaluator to assess its value, as well as a lawyer who will help resolve the disputed issues in court. If you can agree on the divorce terms independently, the amount of your property will affect the cost of your divorce less. However, in most cases, a large number of joint assets and liabilities between spouses will make the process more expensive by $2,000-$10,000 or more.

Your offline or online divorce cost will also be affected by the number of specialists involved, their experience, hourly rate, the need for family counseling, and other circumstances. 

How We Can Help You

You can reduce the traditional or online divorce cost if you have an uncontested simple divorce and act independently without hiring a lawyer. If all your divorce issues have already been agreed upon, you can contact our service to prepare for filing in court. We will help complete the paperwork for your case quickly and budget-friendly. Unlike spending on attorney fees, your expenses on preparing forms using our service will not significantly affect your divorce cost. As a result, you will receive a set of papers you need in a few days without wasting extra time and money.